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What happens when he finds himself before Snape for help? Sometimes, all it takes is one impulsive throwing of a stone to send ripples of change through several lives. : The summer after Sirius’ death: the abuse at the Dursley’s leaves him broken. And Draco’s chances don’t look so good when Harry guts him at the welcoming feast… includes mentor Severus, MPD, child abuse, protective Remus, Drarry pre-slash. Snape is asked to try and help, and discovers that the key to saving Harry may be Draco, who has returned after his own difficult summer. HPDM, mpreg.: Harry receives a very special gift for his 16th birthday, which quickly comes in handy when things get really bad at Privet Drive this summer.

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: SEQUEL: BMFS After 4th yr, Harry’s adopted and becomes Shadow Snape. But when he finds refuge at Snape’s, everything starts to get complicated. : Yet another one of those Harry And Draco Are Forced To Be Together By Something Beyond Their Control And Then Stuff Happens Leading To Twoo Wuv stories. : An accident occurs in Charms that leaves Draco looking after a…slightly different Harry.

He returns to a Hogwarts run by Mc Gonagall, with a slightly altered face and new scars. Harry Potter is dead and Shadow Snape lives in his place, or, well, dreams in his place. Can his adopted father, Severus Snape, and boyfriend, Draco Black, an ex-Malfoy, help? head to the Ukatae realm where they plan to take back what is rightfully theirs. How will they live through it, and how do others take the change? : Life post-war was supposed to be good, simple and calm. Harry had never expected to end up a knocked up teen cliché. Support though, can come from the most unexpected source.

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Potter walk in at the same time, and scold him at the same time in the same tone of voice, and all the color just drains out of James' face and he goes to his room and won't come out for supper because he can still hear Sirius and Mrs Potter roaring with laughter and he knows he'll never live this down because oh god he's become his mother Fuente: ghost-grantaire Ah rip me time to wake up and this is early for me (8 am) but I went to sleep "early" (11 because I couldn't fall asleep for the life of me) so not bad (9 hours of good sleep) - - I want to make a Go T fan account but they don't have many text posts for that (if you know me, I live for text posts) but they do have plenty of pictures so maybe edits or I post pictures of the characters and rant about them in the caption- my spam account where I post about my dogs and my life but mostly my dogs but I basically do that in my story but some people don't like-don't watch- aren't caught up on Go T and I don't want to spoil it but I don't have anywhere else to post it and this entire paragraph is just one very long run on sentence y! Peter Pettigrew took notes for the both of them all class and woke him up with a shoulder tap and a smile.

kes (Lmao I already made the account but I'm still not sure what you guys would like to see in it so comment some ideas but for now I'll keep the account name secret) Memes, Hot Topic, and 🤖: O bolso chega a doer Remus Lupin transformado (49 HOT TOPIC REMUS LUPIN Como não querer? Remus Lupin fell asleep on the moving staircase in fifth year, and Lily Evans laughed so loudly she woke him up.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Won't accept requests Harry Potter imagines and preferences that include everybody and anybody. The teacher did let some of the people who did get the potion right, keep it and lucky I was one of them.

*** At the end of the lesson, James won the potion and now Lily tries to get even further away from him.

And everybody knew Snape wanted to keep it in his collection of boring things.

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