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He is revered as a rock god in his native Japan and has sold more than 30 million albums as the drummer and songwriter of band X Japan. I also started listening to Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Sex Pistols. My mother bought me a drum set and I started banging the drums. His classical tour will come to the Royal Festival Hall next week.But Yoshiki has revealed another string to his bow after announcing his first classical concert in London. “If I didn’t have music or piano, I don’t know if I would have survived. He said: “I was very nervous before the first date, but the reaction has been amazing so I’m getting more confident.” Yoshiki revealed he had faced snobbery from the classical world.

I told him it was a medical device, but he thought it was a fashion thing.” The film is about Yoshiki’s band X Japan, a relatively unknown act in the US despite the singer’s reputation abroad of being the “Mick Jagger of Tokyo” for over 30 years.

“If they were born in America or England, they’d be the biggest band in the world,” Gene Simmons says in the doc.

Yoshiki, leader and co-founder of X Japan, unveiled his new project ‘Yoshiki Classical’ at a sold-out performance at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

As the title suggests, this endeavor sees the typically hard-rocking Yoshiki delving into the world of classical music and the result is quite impressive.

Most Americans hadn't either, even with more than 20 million albums sold around the world, but Kijak was intrigued. whenever your songs come on," says Kijak with a smile, sitting across a table from bandleader Yoshiki Hayashi last week at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

He learned of a sound that incorporated thrash metal and classical piano with big prog-rock flourishes and a flamboyant Japanese "Visual Kei" image of mascara, mohawks and neon attire. The documentary "We Are X," which premiered at Sundance on Jan.

As Yoshiki tickled the ivories, his notes stirred and swelled.

The sound was further accentuated by the gorgeous tones of an accompanying string quartet.

Michael Jackson‘s penchant for wearing a chic form of wrist braces has been explained.

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