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But that doesn't mean the upgrade won't be a good move for some people.Mobile users, the so-called power users, programmers, and anyone else that likes to get the most from their system are good candidates for the upgrade. To find out, I've upgraded three Windows 98 machines to Windows 2000 Professional Release Candidate 1 (RC1): A Toshiba 490XCDT Satellite Pro laptop with a 266 MHz Pentium II and 160 MB of RAM, a Dell Dimension XPS-R400 with a 400 MHz Pentium II and 128 MB of RAM (since upgraded to 256 MHz of RAM), and an old Dell Dimension XPS-P166c with a 166 MHz Pentium and 128 MB of RAM.

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Login to Windows 98 and place the W2K upgrade CD into the CD-ROM drive.

Windows will recognize the CD and asks if you would like to upgrade to W2K. The installation procedure brings up the "Windows 2000 Setup" window.

In a way, they have more in common with each other than any other Windows operating system.

Both are arguably Microsoft's biggest successes, not necessarily in sales volume but in achieving what they were intended to do as operating systems.

Select the Next button at the bottom of the web page to proceed. It should be titled "Download the Latest Upgrade Pack for Setup and Compatability" This brings up the download window.

Choose "Run from current location" and the downloaded file does all the work. Setup now provides you with an "Update Report." You will want to print this out and/or save it, and then review it before continuing.

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Installation Procedure It is very important that the update procedure be run from inside Windows 98.

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