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Awesome (born 1988 in Uniondale, New York), formerly known as Lenroy Thompson, is an American amateur boxer best known for winning the US title in 2008, 2010, 20 and the Golden Gloves in 2009, 20 at super heavyweight. National Team Captain and is also the Athlete Director on USA Boxing Board of Directors. Lucie, Florida, where he continued to box for Fort Pierce P. He lost to Lenier Pero at the 2015 Pan American Games but was noted for his energetic performance during the bout and in post-fight interviews, where he gained attention for calling himself "the Taylor Swift of boxing".

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Also had an opportunity to shoot the reception, which turned out really exceptional. Once you understand how 360 is in general you will never leave home without it.

I just bought this and I'm okay with the meager quality but I could not sync it with LG Bridge to update the software. I wish LG would update the app though with the tiny planet functions and make it able to video the videos in the app.

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I bought this a week before going out of town for my brothers wedding-just had a feeling, and the price was right.

Packed it with the computers in my carry-on, still in the box.

And truckers have one of the hardest jobs in the USA and to make matters worse, it seems like everyone wants to take advantage of truckers and trucking companies!

To assist the trucker and trucking company, we have created products designed with the trucker in mind.

We have almost all of the mass, got the vows, missed the end because I was the best man and nobody was watching the camera, and it quit at the 40 minute mark.

A very fortunate thing, as the go-pros that were supposed to be recording failed for some reason.

They and their families have never been exposed to the havoc that extractive industries wreak on the health of our environment and communities — but I have.

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