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One of the greatest outflows from the Edwards Aquifer is the San Marcos Springs.

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These springs gush from the foot of a high cliff and boil up as from a well in the middle of the channel.

One of these, the first you see in going up the stream, is near the center, the channel is here 40 yds.

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less Texas State University (formerly Southwest Texas State) used to be one of the top party schools in the country.

But even with a name change the campus is as wild as ever. more3 Texas State professors' offices ransacked, blood left on wall Two offices in Old Main, the school's most recognizable building, and one in nearby Lampasas were ransacked, resulting in university property being damaged.

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Large stones are thrown up, as you've seen grains of sand in small springs, it is unaffected by the dryest season.

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