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I mean even I would have had sex with Stifler’s mum.’‘Let’s say you’re the cougar and you’re dating a younger guy who doesn’t really know what he’s doing in the bedroom, think how much you’ll be helping him with future women he'll have sex with,’ she says.

Of these ten women eight were rather attractive and the other two only had profile pictures of their bodies. Why isn’t the best site on our MILF dating site review?

The problem is that our profile was completely blank and we didn’t even have a profile picture.

As women over 50, most of us are not willing to head over to the local Steak and Shake for a date.

No, we want to be wined and dined at nice restaurants, and for some of us only the best will do.

If the MILF dating site is immediately blasting you with adds they are not making any money from the actual dating business. We first registered for our review about a week before writing this article.

We always like to see what happens a few days after registering on a site to see just how sleazy their marketing is. In the period of about a week we had ten women add us as “friends” on the site.

To begin understanding the Cougar Phenomenon, we start by conducting a survey which was sent out to younger male members of our websites (Whats Your, Seeking and Seeking who have shown an affinity to or preference for dating older women.

The results may or may not surprise you: Over 89% of the younger men surveyed said they like Cougars because Cougars are more sexually experienced.

They just had no idea what it took to look good at 50.

Hair alone can be a full time job, whether its plucking it from places you never knew hair could grow or coloring it constantly just to hide the grey.

For me, the realization that Cougars is a younger man’s fantasy started when Finch ended up on top of Stifler’s mother, Jeanine, on the pool table in the movie. Hundreds of “cougar dating” websites have surfaced all over the place to cater to this dating niche made even more popular by the likes of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

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