Reginae carter and diggy simmons dating

Lil Wayne’s baby momma Nivea and Toya’s fiance Memphitz joined the celebration along with many other celebrity guests.

Check out the pictures below from Straight From The A.

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"Yeah, that was my first time meeting Weezy and it was amazing!

" Diggy blurted out, when asked about meeting Lil Wayne.

No, the young man is easing his way from rhyme spitter into hip-hop heart throb territory.

The teen recently escorted Lil Wayne's daughter, Reginae Carter, to her 12th birthday party held in Altanta.

I just want somebody I can kick it with, like my real best friend.17: Does she have to get your family's approval?

DS: No, but I would definitely bring a girl to meet my family if she were really special.

Lil Wayne, Reginae & Wayne’s mom, Jacita Carter Diggy Simmons and Reginae Carter Memphitz (Toya’s man) with his daughter Reginae & Toya Reginae got at ton of gifts, including a new computer, Gucci bag and 3 (yes THREE) diamond bracelets for her birthday!

Tweeps were going hard on Jo Jo after the news of his little brother Diggy being signed to Atlantic Records, saying things ranging from “he must feel like the rap gene skipped him”, to “must feel like the rest of the Jacksons when Michael went solo.” To defend her brother, Angela decided to speak out on her UStream channel last night about her brother being a trending topic on Twitter (#jojomustfeellike), and also took the opportunity as fans asked questions to dispel rumors.

He then posted the photos to Twitter, where they were eventually removed.

Rob claimed in a separate post that Blac had sent him an inflammatory video of her and another man hooking up in their former bed.

She is a good friend of the Kardashian family and of Kim Kardashian in particular.

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