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The Shah left Iran for exile on 16 January 1979, as the last Persian monarch, leaving his duties to a regency council and an opposition-based prime minister.

Ayatollah Khomeini was invited back to Iran by the government, based on the concept of Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists (or velayat-e faqih).

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These studies began a long time ago and derived from an interest I have always had in mathematics in general, and geometry in particular.

Recently I came across a couple of studies that were among the first I carried out; some others have been lost and some are in private ownership.

This might be considered to be the turning point in the construction of wooden boats in Qatar.

This photograph shows a fleet of traditional craft with their lateen sails raised on the occasion of National Day 2009 in Doha’s West Bay. The traditional boats of the Gulf are obviously neither Islamic in any way nor are they elements of Gulf architecture.

A significant percentage of none English speaking spouses come to the UK from Bangladesh.

After marriage, the new spouse gets UK citizenship. Many years ago Socialist workers party and trotskyite activists (Communists) took control of the boroughs and Tower Hamlets council.For the series of reforms launched in 1963, see White Revolution.and eventual replacement of 2500 years of Iranian monarchy with an Islamic Republic regime under the Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the revolution, supported by various leftist and Islamist organizations Between August and December 1978 strikes and demonstrations paralyzed the country.It is placed here to show something of the concentration that goes into study of this character of geometry as well as the accuracy I tried to maintain in drafting.Nowadays, drawing with computer programmes, there are still inaccuracies, but they are easier to deal with than when drawing with ink on paper.I believe some dhows are male and some female, but I’m not sure which are which.

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