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The pubs unique furnishings create a wonderful ambiance, making you feel like youre sitting in a Celtic pub in Ireland.Whiskey barrel chairs surround a stone fireplace with a custom cedar mantel.Established in 2011, nestled in historical Old Town Eureka (just 20 minutes from downtown St.

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Further down Lower Lough Erne we come to some of the huge number of islands that dot the water line. The lough lies in a deep glacial trough, and everything here - from the alignment of the banks to the position of the islands - was determined by the movement of the ice.

Along the shore the bird life includes lapwings, redshanks, curlew and snipe, as well as a unique colony of breeding Sandwich terns.

Most of the rocks under these lakes date from the Carboniferous Period, between about 350 million and 300 million years ago.

This was when the warm and shallow Carboniferous sea first advanced across this part of Ireland.

Alongside the warm fireplace is a beautiful, antique tobacco showcase, which displays classic Irish barware and tobacciana, a theme seen though out the pub.

At the focal point of the bar hangs a stained glass window dating back to the 1800s from the early missions of San Juan Capistrano on the California coast.

There are monastic sites such as Devenish Island, the remains of the Archdale manor House, built in 1773, and the effects of the Second World War.

Castle Archdale was the main base for the flying boats that took off from here to protect allied convoys in the north Atlantic.

On the island are little boutiques and renowned restaurants where you can eat freshly caught fish – a culinary pleasure for the humble and the famous alike.

An anecdote recounts that in 1835 Mussolini and the other participants in the Stresa Conference came to the island one day on a whim, to try the area’s best-known dish of perch.

The view we're seeing now is part of the Castle Archdale Country Park, which covers about 230 acres of this part of Fermanagh.

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