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which do not constitute a health risk, may be buried or interred in memorial sites or cemeteries, or they may be retained by relatives and dispersed in various ways.

Cremation is an alternative in place of burial or other forms of disposal in funeral practices.

If dating is dragging you down, it’s okay to step aside and check out for a while.

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You get all excited only to find the person not as attractive as you hoped you would, you find zero chemistry and/or the conversation sucks.

Or you date someone for three dates or even a few months only to discover they don’t want a relationship (or you don’t want a relationship with them).

Instead, drive to the beach and enjoy a vacation with your best girlfriends, visit family or your old college roommate for the weekend, or just take a few weeks (or months) to focus on refreshing your outlook with a little .

It’s okay to be alone, and you should embrace the freedom to do what you love, with no strings attached.

Alternative death rituals emphasizing one method of disposal of a body—inhumation (burial), cremation, or exposure—have gone through periods of preference throughout history.

In the Middle East and Europe, both burial and cremation are evident in the archaeological record in the Neolithic era.There comes a point in everyone’s dating journey when it just feels like too much effort to try to meet someone.When an hour spent getting ready means the second you sit down at the bar, you know the person sitting across the table is not for you.Do you have a dating question or funny dating story?Email your questions and stories to [email protected] the subject ‘Dating Advice’ or ‘Dating Story’ A subscriber to the newsletter recently wrote in: I don’t drink, either.The head of a Winnipeg daycare closed due to a fire said she was heartbroken to learn her centre's loss was used by two families to seek out child care. Other daycares in the city have offered temporary spaces to St.

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