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Self validating model

I think self validating models will help clean up a lot of validation code from controllers and help ensure the validity of model data being saved in the database.

I believe having it available as core functionality in Laravel will allow for more consistent use, much like model validation in Rails.

What if someone else did all the heavy-lifting for you? Ardent - the magic-dust-powered, wrist-friendly, one-stop solution to all your dreary input sanitization boilerplates!

What if, instead of regurgitating the above mess, all you needed to type was these few lines? Puns aside, input validation functionality can quickly become tedious to write and maintain.

In essence, prior to saving a model (whether it is being created or updated), validation rules would be run over it and return either a boolean or raise an exception indicating that the save did not complete.

Model rules could be available on a protected static variable, like rule, ensuring to pass in the model's own ID to the rule if the model has already been persisted.

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Ardent deals away with these complexities by providing helpers for automating many repetitive tasks.

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