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The importance of communicating with your customers is paramount!It’s how you can show appreciation, promote your products, retain customers, promote return business, develop relationships, and build trust.

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Whatever the reason, chances are that unless you have a Nexus device, your Contacts app is customized in some (potentially annoying) way.

The good news is that this being Android, there are numerous alternative contact apps to choose from.

If you enjoy that aesthetic but don’t want Facebook Home, you should check out Pure Contact.

This free and minimalistic contacts app offers a very different type of experience from what you’re used to, starting with its first screen: Yup, it’s blank.

By acting as a launcher, the app takes over a central position on the...

certainly have a distinctive style: Contact photos in circles.

MENU--INSTALLED THEMES4.) Select Black & Red Theme and apply it!

• If you have any issues/problems please feel free to send us an email:[email protected]• Jellybean users email me for the compatable APK• Follow Bean Storm Apps on Twitter for up to date app progress and Share your Ideas & Thoughts!

GO Contacts EX Black & Red Theme by Bean Storm Apps• Change the look of your Contacts and Phone Dialer.• Black background on all pages with Red font.• HOW TO INSTALL• This theme will only work with GO Contacts EX.

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