Cbs rejects gay dating

First news that CBS has rejected a commercial for a gay dating site, ostensibly because the idea of two men kissing and dry humping makes them squeamish. I know I’ll disagree the ad simply because the lunatic fringe Focus on the Family is behind it. You can’t run down to the local Apple Store to touch it, see it or even place an order.

That said, I am slightly amused that the hate is being whipped up even though the spot itself has yet to be released. We’re offended by something we haven’t seen yet.” Is the i Pad really revolutionary?

Idiots don’t really understand what the Second Amendment means. Do you really believe two ugly cretins like those characters would suddenly start making out just because their hands touched in the chip bowl? Today’s news makes it sound as if Spyker will buy Saab after all. Clearly he’s relishing the opportunity to point out, yet again, the moronic decisions made by corporate types.

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However, his alibi checks out leaving our team with no suspects.

While interviewing Craig’s sister, Amy, she reveals to us to that her brother was gay and recently started dating at teacher at the high school.

Both companies are standing up to the morons who insist on walking around with handguns strapped to their sides in plain view.

The gun nuts see it as their constitutional right to intimidate and frighten the public at large.

Recruitment files reveal that a Gordon Zanetti, a rejected applicant, seemed to take his rejection personally and left threatening messages for Craig.

Zanetti happens to work at a furniture mill where boots are common around the factory.

AIRPORT TROUBLES FOR TEAM NEW KID In Phuket, Thailand, Mike & Rochelle became the first previously-dating couple to win a leg.

Harley & Jonathan never caught up after landing in Thailand twelve hours after the other teams, but were saved by non-elimination.

Once there, they’d have to make their way to Patong Beach, where they’d find their next clue under the Patong Beach sign.

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