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All of his films are beautifully hand-drawn in Don’s signature style and the attention to detail employed earned the filmmaker the 16th spot in of the top 100 animators.Like many of Don’s cartoons the first film on the list below, called Rejected, is a quirky comedy that becomes more and more unstable as the film unfolds.

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The film was created by Dutch animator Emiel Penders and tells the story of a child who must overcome his fear of the wind in order to save a pet.

Dont Hertzfeldt is a renowned American animator who has earned more than 150 awards for his creations.

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These are movies from my private home video collection that I've converted for the Internet so all my members can experience my naughty sexual adventures first hand.Feel free to laugh awkwardly, raise your eyebrows or just ponder your own existence.Based on Mark Twain’s last and unfinished novel, The Mysterious Stranger is a claymation story starring an angel called Satan.Researchers said the unusual signals were picked up in 'almost periodic' bursts, and added further investigation is needed to find the source of the signals.reporting his findings, Professor Méndez said 'we have never seen satellites emit bursts like that' and noted that the signals 'very peculiar'.Such outbursts can travel at light-speed and emit powerful radio signals, which are capable of disrupting satellites and communications on Earth.

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