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Any time there is a law in a conversation that is a signal for you to talk and if the conversation or the date itself is awkward that is because it is your job as a man to lead the conversation.What happens afterwards like maybe thirty minutes and hour whatever is the woman will start to take up the reigns of the conversation and feed off the energy and conversation that you give her but the first hour you have to expect you lead ok its not hers.Oh, and I’m also starting to write my book that includes the details that my blog doesn’t…

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Score for him right, she likes Asians, she is very good looking, we met on Facebook then we had date and it was very awkward ok.

First of all let’s break this part down before we continue have you ever had that Heather where you met a guy maybe blind date or Facebook and you are having dinner or whatever what particularly happens.

Only thing was that it made my dating life a little difficult, but don’t worry, I managed just fine.

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