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Future effort estimates are made by providing size and calculating the associated effort using the equation which fit the original data (usually with some error).The Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO) is an algorithmic software cost estimation model developed by Barry W. The model uses a basic regression formula with parameters that are derived from historical project data and current project characteristics.

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The SEI helps advance software engineering principles and practices and serves as a national resource in software engineering, computer security, and process improvement.

The SEI works closely with defense and government organizations, industry, and academia to continually improve software-intensive systems.

Results The derivation cohort included 14 756 incident cases of venous thromboembolism from 10 095 199 person years of observation (rate of 14.6 per 10 000 person years).

The validation cohort included 6913 incident cases from 4 632 694 person years of observation (14.9 per 10 000 person years).

An estimated software size at project completion and organizational process productivity is used.

Plotting effort as a function of time yields the Time-Effort Curve.When reviewing an estimate you must assess the assumptions made during the estimation process.Make sure that the adopted ground rules are consistently applied throughout the estimate.Below-the-line costs and the risk associated with extraordinary requirements may have been underestimated or overlooked, while productivity estimates may have been overstated.Objectives To derive and validate a new clinical risk prediction algorithm (QThrombosis, to estimate individual patients’ risk of venous thromboembolism.Ideally, the validation should be performed by someone who was not involved in generating the estimate itself, who can view it objectively.

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