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LAS VEGAS -- A Las Vegas woman is suing for almost million.Mary Kay Beckman nearly lost her life when a man she met on the popular dating website viciously attacked her.

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There is growing demand that Toronto follow Vancouver’s example and institute a tax on foreign buyers, as well as implement a progressive surtax on pricey homes owned by people who don’t pay income tax, in an effort to temper the market.

“We’re so over housed” And while that may take time, Gaynor is advising and connecting people who want to make the move, with the financial clout greater resources can provide.

He’s much more mature than his age suggests, and he’s a good influence." Given Lindsay's proclivity for banging famous guys, it might seem odd that she would give a Russian real estate agent the time of day, much less date him.

Fortunately, the source has an explanation for that: “He is a perfect boyfriend and – as he is quite wealthy – pays for quite a lot of stuff like meals out and trips away."There were 10 stab wounds, eight on my physical body, two on my head, and when the knife broke, there was stomping on my head," she said.Beckman says Ridley broke into her garage in January 2011 and hid there, waiting for her come home.Beckman only knew Wade Ridley for eight days before deciding he wasn't the right guy for her.She moved on, but he didn't and without warning, Ridley went on a savage attack."I shouldn't even be here today," Beckman said.

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