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" Now applaud the capo, Zeek and Santana I don't raise her wrists, I keep eighths of piff The game's a chick; I'm Kobe, I'mma rape the bitch Razor grips, laser spit Glock cocked; J or fifth?

A word of caution – glance at his mouth now and then but not for long.

Stare too intensely and you’ll come across as a sexual predator rather than a subtle temptress.

[Verse 1] Mommy all on me cause I'm touching her belly I'm on butter Pirellis Whip purple and yellow, hello That's butter and jelly I flip butter on cellies All right in front of the deli Holly, Lilly, to Kelly all spent ones on the telly (and what else) and I got hella gear My earring is nice, the price: Three town homes in Delaware Uh, tomato Porsche looking like tomato sauce Hip hop hooray I got to get that yayo off That's blocks to the ave, cops come blocking the ave I put the Glock in the stash, slabs and tops in the trash Still stop and I laugh; ma, get them rocks in your ass The rest? choke 'em and choke 'em I flip bundle to bundle, trying to double my double At the same time.....[Music I bubble] But the cops say I'm [looking for trouble] [Verse 2] I get fresh from Yankee stadium to the garden I beg your pardon, stop it My closet: Macy's men's department Pants, shirts, scarf, phone if you check it Get the scoop on the cologne, belt, and shoe section Fur for fur, baby; baby, you'll go stir crazy Got that David Yurman burning, the bird gazey You'll get hurt, play me Burp, let the dirt chase me Every third lady that flirt, want my chirp lately I know some RN's that still strip When I and this real dick in the clinic Nurse suit and heels, shit Better than college, after that, students home At least after your bid, ain't no student loans To pay back, jack, ask, "What do you condone?

Twat in ya bag, dag, hop in a cab Play you, for what? " Hit towns with coke, a .45 blue as chrome They done juiced my dome, knock knock, "are you at home?

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For example, there are many beautiful women to choose from and also a wide range of hunky male performers, however there are rarely more than a handful of couples or shemale models online at any given time.Flirt4Free is a very professional-looking site with some nice features.You can find a wide range of gorgeous performers across a range of browsable categories, many of which are not found on other sites.With friends, we look below eye level to include the nose and mouth.The subtle flirt widens that triangle to include parts of the body.You sit around having teenage-style fantasies about a future together that read like a cheesy montage from . A friend of mine, who I’ll call Jake, is somewhat of a recovering emotional-affair addict.

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