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I jumped to #1 just assuming it would be there, then was stunned to see it missing entirely!

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It's set for release on May 6th on Sony Music International.

"I've wanted to tell a story for a while regarding electronic music history and its legacy from my point of view and experience, from when I started to nowadays," says Jarre.

The latter included Thee Pharoah, a local rapper who witnessed the shooting; KMOV, a local TV news station; and Antonio French, a St. (Note: Time stamps in the tweets below reflect the reader’s time zone and may appear inaccurate; our bolded annotations accurately show events on Central Time.) Saturday, August 9, p.m.: Michael Brown and a friend, Dorian Johnson, are walking in the street on Canfield Drive when they are confronted by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.

Around p.m.: After an altercation whose circumstances remain under investigation, Wilson kills Brown, firing at least six gun shots. Louis County police about Brown’s death and ask them to take over the investigation.

You will be remembered as the cruellest, most selfish Prime Minister in Australia’s history. PM - 13 May 14Reply Retweet Favorite Bridget O'[email protected] OFlynn [email protected] Hockey In all years you despicable ppl ripped into Julia Gillard, not once did she complain about 'vicious innuendo'.

You're precious. AM - 14 May 14Reply Retweet Favorite Kyhal [email protected] [email protected] Abbott MHR you could have at least taken me to a nice restaurant, I like to be wined and dined before I get fucked! AM - 14 May 14Reply Retweet Favorite Baron [email protected] Follow No one with a soul could actual lie with as little compunction as our religio-psychopath @Tony Abbott MHR leader.

A perfectly old-fashioned and rare type of racism: the hatred of Englishmen.

This obsessional fault, led him to create an association (which the only members are, except himself, his brother and a friend) and to lead commando operations (covering of English terms with stickers, and street hawking of a violently anti-British review).

They are the kind of songs that would be at home in an old, dark, nearly empty country tavern while a few couples quietly slow-dance, lost in the aching space. Jacklin is a stellar songwriter who breaks your heart like only the best songwriters can.

Julia Jacklin shared the stories behind each song on This was the last song I wrote for the album and it ended up being the title track.

Everyone knows “New York” ‘s righteous polemics – more folks should know is more New York, and that’s what the list was about.” Look for an addendum to our list (which rose above 100 albums before we started cutting) very soon, but in the meantime, we present some of the more memorable comments left on the original: “I also love how you morons still completely ignore 80s and 90s House Music and electronic stuff – Why isn’t that ‘Elements’ or Tourism album by Danny Tenaglia on this list or Junior Vasquez’s Arena compilation – but I guarantee if those Swedish jerks did something here it would be your quintessential New York electronic record – god you people suck. It’s a complete portrait of the city during a particular time.

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