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A nondeductible individual retirement account (IRA) refers to a traditional IRA containing nondeductible contributions.

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The rules to roll over IRA money are strict; keep records to avoid paying unnecessary taxes.

The act of withdrawing money from an IRA account and then depositing the proceeds into another IRA is called a rollover.

If you only put a portion of your IRA withdrawal into another IRA, you must pay taxes on any amount that was not reinvested.

The 60-day window gives you some flexibility if you have a short-term need for some cash.

If you want to sidestep a downturn in the market that you feel may be on the horizon, then liquidating your account might be the right answer.

While you are then free to withdraw the funds if you desire, a more prudent investment strategy may be to keep your money in your IRA in cash, so you can quickly reinvest it if the markets decline.

If you're like most people, when you make contributions to your IRA, you intend to leave the money alone for decades until you can comfortably retire.

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