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Colombo — When a Haitian teenager alleged that she had been raped and sodomised by a Sri Lankan peacekeeper, the government here dispatched a high-ranking general suspected of war crimes to lead the investigation.

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Despite those unresolved allegations, the UN has deployed thousands of peacekeepers from Sri Lanka.

This is a pattern repeated around the world: Strapped for troops, the UN draws recruits from many countries with poor human rights records for its peacekeeping programme, budgeted at nearly $8bn this year.

Liyanage said she remained distressed and confused about the relationship and at one point planned to inject herself with a vial of Suxamethonium, a medication that can stop a person breathing."For the first time in my life, I wanted to kill myself," she said.

However Liyanage said Mr Athukorala convinced her to throw the vial away after telling her he loved her and promising he would change his ways.

In her first appearance as a witness during the trial, Liyanage told the jury her husband regularly had affairs and encouraged her to do the same, but she resisted.

She said she was flooded with messages from strangers after her husband posted her mobile number on an online sex site in Sri Lanka in a bid to encourage her to sleep with other people."He wanted to change the person I wanted to be," Liyanage told the court.

Thousands of people filled the streets of Sri Lanka's ancient hill capital Kandy on Monday (August 7) night to watch a colourful annual procession during the Esala Perahera festival.

The festival itself lasts for 10 nights, ending on the evening of the full moon (Tuesday, August 8).

In post-war societies adolescents occupy liminal spaces – where social, political, economic, spatial and biological boundaries are still fluid and undetermined – and present a particular challenge for post-war communities as well as service providers.

Drawing on a study from two war-affected villages in Sri Lanka, this paper examines the multi-faceted challenges that adolescents face in communities attempting to retain and redefine boundaries, identities, and social and moral regulation in a post-war context.

It explores the dynamics of post-war change, especially in the social and moral regulation of sexuality, and its implications for adolescent girls and boys grappling with biological and social transformation—from internalizing gender norms to taking on adult economic roles.

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