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“This is not only because of how much I love the process, but also because no one asks me about my family or the Beatles.”His debut London show, which opens today at the Little Black Gallery in Chelsea, features photographs of clouds, with sumptuous titles that sound like cocktails, including Midnight Smoke (2010) Cotton Cloud (2010) and Blue Moon, (2010, right). forever changing.”Click here or on "View Images" for a picture gallery Lennon's landscapes convey, he says, “a moment of peace or clarity in time and in one's mind.” He took the photographs for his two series Timeless and Alone all over the world: Evenfall (2012, top) turns New York City into a blue-looking magical kingdom; Taken (2012, far right) is of grey clouds above the black-lit mountains between Italy and France; Blaze (2012, below right) is of a bursting crimson sky.“This was taken on the Mediterranean, just after a major storm, as the sun was beginning to set,” says Lennon.

“I was just at the right place at the right time.” Reminiscence (2012, above left) shows the grey sea and clouds merging while Lennon was on a ferry trip.

Lillian Powell, meanwhile, eased the financial pressure without her husband by renting out their master bedroom to four apprentice electricians.

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A diligent student, she fell into a relationship with a boy called Barry whom she described as the "Romeo of Hoylake".

Although they discussed marriage, their relationship waned when he was unfaithful to her.

She met John Lennon in a lettering class at college, when he tapped her on the back and said, "Hi, I'm John".

Although he wasn't her normal type, Cynthia felt drawn towards him.

Every member except for John was present, along with a room full of lawyers as well.

John didn’t want to go and left everyone at that meeting hanging, but it mostly offended George Harrison.

Outside in the cool night air, the young girls wait for a glimpse of John Lennon.

Inside Sefton General Hospital, Lennon dashes through the corridors to see his son, Julian, for the first time. "Who's going to be a famous little rocker," he says, "like his dad?

His features are soft and sensual in repose, though his face is usually in constant motion: his eyebrows dart up and down, he widens his eyes, tilts his head, and these gestures are, as he is, simultaneously expressive and evasive.

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