Updating optical drive in imac dating coach den haag

When I wrote a series of How-To guides showing how easy it was to swap old Mac hard disks for new solid state drives (SSDs), I focused on raw upgrades — slow mechanical drives for fast chip-based ones.

The new MCE 8X DVD±R/RW "Super Drive" upgrade with both Double Layer AND Dual Layer Support for the i Mac G5 allows i Mac owners to author professional-quality DVDs as well as create, store, and share their collections of videos, music and photography.

Plus, the fast, highly reliable drives are compatible with most computer and set-top DVD video players and other DVD burners – so video and data DVDs created using these drives can be shared with business associates, friends, and family. MCE Technologies was the first company in the world to engineer a Super Drive upgrade for the Apple i Mac.

Five years ago, SSDs were both expensive and limited in capacity, making them unlikely components for most Macs.

Today, high-quality, capacious SSDs can be had for reasonable prices, and they’re surprisingly easy to install in i Macs.

The additional storage capacity of the DVD R Double Layer disc enables you to record up to 4 hours of DVD-quality video or 16 hours of VHS-quality video, without the need to turn over the disc.

You can now archive up to 8.5GB of computer files on a single disc, which almost doubles the storage capacity compared with the 4.7GB for the single-layer DVD-recordable discs currently available.The SATA III standard Apple began to support in 2011 is backward-compatible, so an SSD with SATA III support will work in SATA II Macs, just at slower (but still noticeably better than typical hard drive) speeds.) What Does Swapping The Optical Drive For An SSD Get Me?Short answer: Every Mac’s overall performance is weighed down by the computer’s slowest parts.If you bought your i Mac 3-5 years ago, there’s probably nothing so seriously wrong with the hardware that you need to consider replacing the machine.Sure, the new i Mac with 5K Retina Display looks a little nicer, but at a steep ,499 starting point, it’s still a luxury, not a necessity.Recording at 8X to both DVD-R and DVD R media and at 4X to BOTH DVD R DL (Double Layer) and DVD-R DL (Dual Layer), enabling you to record up to 8.5GB of data on a single side of either a Double Layer OR Dual Layer DVD, this drive eclipses every other i Mac G5 optical drive on the market today.

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