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Early morning and The Kills are draped across their chairs like recently dis-interred corpses, cringing at the daylight. She’s 33, comes from Florida, and gives off shy, angry vibes, frequently messing up her hair so it hides her face. She flinches when four plates of fruit are put down on a table next to her.

They have been a duo for more than a decade, producing four albums — including one called .

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Il apparaît ainsi dans des séries britanniques comme Doctors, diffusée sur la BBC, Casualty, ou encore Afterlife.

Au cinéma, il obtient son premier rôle en 2006 dans Par effraction aux côtés de Jude Law et Juliette Binoche.

What I care about is what God tells me directly." That intense spiritual connection led a teenaged White, who long served as an altar boy, to consider going to seminary to pursue a life in the priesthood.

"I was thinking at 14," he recalled, "that possibly I might have had the calling to be a priest.

Hillary Clinton, joined by husband, former President Bill Clinton, attended the wedding of Clinton campaign supporter Marc Lasry’s daughter Sophie to hedge funder Alex Swieca.

Vogue described Hillary's kaftan as "Tiffany blue" and we're all for that colour description.While some get it very right, others struggle to find an outfit that works.From Emma Roberts' glorious bridesmaid dress to Kate Moss' elegant lace gown, we chart the best (and worst) in wedding style... ‘I can only cope with it when it’s bitterly, bitterly cold.’ Jamie Hince laughs at her. He used to carry around a parasol because he said that a suntan was incompatible with rock’n’roll.’ ‘The sun,’ says Alison sententiously, dragging on a cigarette, ‘gives you cancer.’ Like all the best rock bands, The Kills have a touch of Spinal Tap about them.‘This fruit is, like, closing me in.’ Jamie, 43, is British, with a lived-in face and a South London accent. Designer Bella Freud straddled a tiny Shetland pony at a London garden party to mark a collaboration with fashion company J Brand.

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