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We feel we've provided you a very specific example of this phenomenon via this post.Lawyers in Love® is the premier online dating site EXCLUSIVELY for professional single lawyers and law students.

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Most of the users seem to be either after someone with loads of cash, or are themselves in receipt of riches which they are crudely seeking to exploit in their quest for a partner who’s hotter than them.

So how do lawyers find other lawyers to go on dates with?

It won’t always be easy, but if you’re flexible, open to spirited debate, and intent on maintaining your independence, you can have a long, happy relationship.

There are plenty of amazing things about attorneys…here are just 15 of them! Quoting your date will make you sound smarter: “My boyfriend is a lawyer and he says…” 2. Plus: A lawyer in the family is always a good thing!

Lawyers in Love provides lawyers and law students with the opportunity to meet and match with other lawyers and law students.

Lawyers in Love is the premier online dating site for professional singles - lawyers, law students, and legal professionals looking to match other lawyers, law students and legal professionals.Plus: 10 Things They Never Tell You About Marrying A Chef Had anyone else been around, I am not sure if I would have been embarrassed or proud.That’s pretty much how it is to be a lawyer navigating the non-legal world: constant vacillation between shame and pride.If you are still working during happy hours and other social events, if weekends are devoted to writing briefs or studying for your next law school exam, you will love this unique opportunity to find romance on the Web. The judge ruled that the police had conducted an illegal search, and thus the evidence thereby recovered was inadmissible against the man whose property was searched.From what I’ve heard, solicitors, barristers and of course legal executives who use – whose general counsel, Curt Anderson, was profiled today in the US magazine Corporate Counsel, incidentally – are similarly minded.

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