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(I am also a giant nerd and find this stuff fascinating.) I will never know exactly what year the previous glass was manufactured, but while digging I discovered that I owned pieces, that with a lot of persistence, could be dated to a specific year.But first a little about the The history is a little confusing, and as is usual of the internet, varies from website to website, with each website having their own sources, and their own account of what happened.

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However, without having more of the glass, I am unable to narrow that down to a specific year.

If that was the end of it, this would be a pretty lame blog post, but as it stands I am a fairly curious person and couldn't help digging a little deeper.

(These catalogs can also be useful at times for the dating of bottles.) A very few bottle makers catalog were reproduced in the 1960s and 1970s, but all are long out of print and variably difficult to obtain.

However, there is no better source for determining potential use and period shape names than these old catalogs.

One of the best sources for determining bottle types based on the shape are old glass/bottle makers catalogs.

An assortment of catalogs have been used in the preparation of this website to assist with bottle dating, and in particular, bottle typing - i.e., what a bottle likely contained or was used for.That set me on a quest to look at as many Owens-Illinois bottles as I could find (mostly beer, soda, and milk) to see if the pattern occurred regularly.What I discovered was a more refined way to date Owens-Illinois bottles from the 1940-1946 period with information provided by their marks. was incorporated in March 1873 and began business in August.With this hub, I am going to focus on the methods used by the Owens-Illinois (O-I) Company, and show you how to date your glass finds using the symbols and numbers indicative of the O-I company.I am by no means an expert on the numbers, nor am I an expert on how to date glass using the numbers, but I have done a lot of research on the subject, and I am relaying the information I have acquired along my internet travels.If you are an avid beach glass collector, or a collector of glass bottles, jars, cups, etc, you may have noticed an odd symbol and/or numbers on your find and didn't know what they meant. Usually, the symbols are a logo for a company, and the numbers a code for where and when the particular glass item was produced.

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