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web framework a lot and I personally believe that its the coolest java web framework around.

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As a result, when the On Event handler of the Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior fires, it looks as if there was no selection in the first Drop Down Choice. These model updates and/or ajax functionality cause a lot of problems for Wicket Tester in our experience.

I think that you just need to make your tests more static, e.g.

To make it attractive and pertinent in regard of Wicket capacities, we'll do a "Wicket and Ajax enabled autosaved textfield". The Quickstart project is an already setup Wicket website. The website being in English, as the current text, I won't put here the installation info found on the website. Just a last point : I did this tutorial using Eclipse 3.3, so you're better off opening the project with Eclipse.

Oh, for sure, it's a fairly basic one, with only one page. I called my project tutorial from the organisation org.zedros. First of all, we find the Wicket framework itself, as well as a sample application and an embedded webserver called Jetty. In the org.zedros package, you can easily spot some peculiar files : As with any Java website, another important file is the one. When looking at it, you can see that Wicket uses a filter instead of the usual servlet.

When making a choice in the first, the choices in the second are updated using Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior. Could anyone tell me what the recommended way is to unit-test the above case?

(Just like in the Drop Down Choice Example of the "live action" Wicket Examples ( I tried using Wicket Tester with Form Tester but I cannot have the model of the first Drop Down Choice updated as a response to making a selection in it.Actually, the Feedback Panel will display all types of feedback message attached to the components contained within the Page.You have the ability to filter only those message types (info,error, debug,warn etc) that you want but that's probably a topic of another blog entry.3- You will need to add server side call-back to upload images and so on?Hi, I haven't looked neither at Tobias' work nor at Summernote docs but I'd expect the editor to submit its text as a normal Form Component, i.e.This tutorial is designed as a "first hands on Wicket" one.

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