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( BST) Update 11: OK guys, We have a fix and it's in QA. - We have a 1 hour AMA with David Braben on the Elite Dangerous subreddit at 11am.

The thread will be going live on the subreddit closer to the time.

7.10 should be hitting the PBE today, and with it some in development work.

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To illustrate these changes, here’s a preview of a week featuring Control, Supremacy, Elimination/Trials, Salvage, and Rumble.

The following week will feature Clash, Rift, Elimination/Trials, Skirmish, and Rumble Supremacy.

ever since shortly after the mobile AR game launched last month.

That isn’t to say it made a whole lot of sense prior to the issues — with a major lack of documentation and explanation, it confused a lot of people even when it was working properly — but when it was deactivated altogether, that was like pouring salt on a still opened wound.

Instead of footprints, you’ll see Pokemon in tufts of grass, a stylistic denotation that harkens back to the tall grass from the classic handheld titles.

The tracking system pulses every few seconds to scan your area, resulting in a feature that functions very similarly to the retired footprint system from launch.Lord Shaxx will continue to offer his weekly bounties, and will now offer one for each of the 6v6 core modes offered each week.Daily Crucible bounties have been updated to be more inclusive of Guardians, regardless of which mode they play, which subclass they favor, or if they have a Fireteam available.Each week, five core playlists will be available in the center row, and one rotating playlist in the top rotator.Private Matches will continue to remain on the bottom row.Thank you for sticking with us and we'll let you know as soon as we have a better ETA for you all. However, to do so we will need to bring the servers down for a long period of time while we apply the updates. It could be significantly shorter or longer and we wont be able to give a firm timeframe but we'll keep you informed on this thread as we get more information.

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