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To make life easier for yourself, use dependency injection to have your tests to use a simpler filter, and test the positive and negative cases independently.

For instance, Should return whether or not to include the given record in the filtered results. For examples of Predicate implementations, see the built-in predicates.

On a personal note, I'm am seeing the same level of interest based on the meetings on my calendar over the past few weeks.

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Today, we’ll cover how it works–and more importantly–how to eliminate it from your reports.

This is simply a form of “referrer spam”, and it’s essentially a way for hackers to promote their websites to a plethora of Google Analytics accounts.

Spam like “doradar”, “sharebutton”, and a variety of misleading web addresses have been plaguing analytics consoles for a couple of years now.

This happens with website referrals as well, so you’ll have to pay attention to which sites are referring traffic and determine if it’s authentic or not.” Is it a huge deal for ecommerce sites?

The picklist labels are provided in the view, as well as the value, since the view contains all fields from the entity base and extended tables.

The security enforcement uses the Dynamics Security model to restrict access to records based on the security roles and field security profiles which a User has in CRM.

We were, too, when we discovered it in the CPC Strategy account.

The actual URL leads to a strange website (if you want to go down the rabbit hole, check out The Next Web post on the hacker), and shouldn’t be counted as a valid referral.

This may seem like a lot of work, but consider this: as long as you unit test your custom predicate you can dispense with significant testing of your filter methods.

And since testing predicates is much simpler than testing filters (because of their singular nature) this is quite easy. Since this library is (presumably) well-tested, there is no need for your tests to deal with mixed filter cases at all.

Represents an abstract reference to an s Object field.

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