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If you do not live in such locations, you can visit the city close to you to find these rich men. No matter the place you dwell, even if you are not residing in a city, make it a duty always to locate the areas where you can find rich men.

Very commonly, they reply that, among other things, they would like to be married.

Only on very rare occasions, do they tell me they want to marry someone who is rich. Much of romantic fiction tells of a poor man or woman (usually a woman) who marries a very rich person and then leads an exciting and adventuresome life.

This is likely because they're usually alpha males who feel it's a "man's duty" to provide, says Beth Livingston, an assistant professor of human resources at Cornell University.

Conversely, poorer men are often more supportive of their partners' careers."Couples who encourage each other to fulfill their professional dreams tend to be happier," says Joshua Coleman, author of Marriage Makeover.

Fair enough poor guys have their own disadvantages - like having to listen to all his money worries and a list of his bills for weeks on end but you reasons you should give a poor guy a chance: When Tiger Woods apologised, he implied that he felt entitled by his success to have affairs. Not only does research show that lower-income guys are less likely to stray, but scientists also found that wealthy men are hypocrites about cheating."People in higher positions are more likely to cheat, yet they condemn others who do it because having money and power evokes entitled feelings," says a study author.

Men who are low- and middle-income earners are more polite than wealthy guys when they meet new people, reports the journal Psychological Science.

Scientists say men with lean bank accounts are emotionally available, faithful and better in bed.

They say the problem with rich guys is that they think that their money is a magic wand that will keep you warm in bed and give you babies!

You can resort to finding employment in these locations in order to meet these rich men.

You can even try and seek for a job in their offices as office assistance or any other to increase your chances of getting to meet and date them.

Women want to date rich men because they have the means to take care of them and make them free from this stressful life.

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