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834; late-80s/early 90s TV sitcom, with "Sam and Carla and Nom"; Nom as Gately's "own organic father" 836; Gately's memories of, 883; Cheery, Mo 643; owner of Cheery Oil, Troy NY, and employer of Steeply's father Cheese, Susan T. 473; former director of the CIA Cathy or Kathy 920; beautiful R. who assists Gately in defecating Chang, Michael 389; tennis pro Chaos Theory and tennis, 81-82; "What if heredity, instead of linear, is branching" 220; 341; fn.34/994 Chawaf, R.-L.-O. Soma Cheap-O Records 129; in Boston Checkpoint Pongo 571; Cheers! Cambridge's libraries hold a total of around 15 million books, eight million of which are in Cambridge University Library, a legal deposit library.

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The university is closely linked with the development of the high-tech business cluster known as "Silicon Fen".

It is a member of numerous associations and forms part of the "golden triangle" of leading English universities and Cambridge University Health Partners, an academic health science centre.

The two medieval universities share many common features and are often referred to jointly as "Oxbridge".

Cambridge is formed from a variety of institutions which include 31 constituent colleges and over 100 academic departments organised into six schools.

Bradbys is situated on the High Street, about one minute's walk south of Old Schools, the original School building. Keary and is named after former House Master Edward Henry Bradby, a classicist and, later, Master of Haileybury.

Following closure during World War II, while it was occupied by Malvern College, Bradbys reopened as a Harrow House in 1946.

Forget those unfunny amateurs Broken Lizard or the overrated Farrelly Brothers.

We're talking naked breasts, oral sex, racial slurs, violence...

Cambridge University Press, a department of the university, is the world's oldest publishing house and the second-largest university press in the world.

The university also operates eight cultural and scientific museums, including the Fitzwilliam Museum, and a botanic garden.

and yet each segment leaves you delirious from not only laughter but disbelief at the fact that the Zuckers actually go away with all this.

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