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But being a single dad isn't easy, especially with Becca starting to question his authority more than ever.To make matters worse, Becca's new best friend Chelsea has a fondness for sex, drugs, and trouble.

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Well, the same thing happens when you write about a body positive subject like the Embrace documentary (that is opening in the United States today and inspired this heartfelt post from Shari Deutsch at The Strap Saver).

That’s how I discovered a workshop called “Body Positive Selfies” given by Embodied State of Mind on September 3.

Jerry is interested in Laura but is having a hard time reading her signals.

When she comes to stay at Jerry’s, he is surprised to learn that she’s engaged after her fiance calls her at Jerry’s apartment.

Hey Jerry, next time you are looking for things to do, stick to what you know.

You know how after you’ve shopped for something, it shows up everywhere you go online?Mike knows that if the press gets knowledge of the romance, that it will be bad for the Mayor since the divorce just became final.Word will start spreading that it was the new woman the broke up the marriage.Unfortunately for Jerry, he agreed to take a 4 hour boat ride around Manhattan with her before learning about her fiance.Played by: Lynn Clark Appears in The Stake Out & The Stock Tip (thanks to pebbleangst for identifying ) Jerry meets Vanessa while attending a dinner party with Elaine.Last week I wrote about Campbell & Kate’s recent photo shoot.

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