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Why, my friend wonders, would Hollywood forsake the Rooster's original Ouachita Mountains hangout?

For sheer, cussed rough 'n' tumble, there's not a landscape wilder than the real thing.

Learn to take risks, take ownership for your actions and identify your own strengths – all against the stunning backdrop of the arid landscape.

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So she grabs her dad's gun, hops on her trusty 10-buck steed and takes off after them, flinging herself and her horse into a brown, cold river to cross into Indian territory. But context is important here, and we all know that justice back in the Old West often climaxed at the end of a rope.

Mattie wants to see "justice" done as her time defines it.

With all of the color and contrast the Rio Grande area has to offer, this Pathfinder expedition is an unforgettable wilderness learning experience.

Request a Call from a Pathfinder Specialist Our Pathfinder expeditions are designed for young adults who are recent high school graduates, college students, or young adults seeking personal, educational, or professional direction.

To have Chaney strung up for another murder, Mattie thinks, wouldn't be fair to her father.

And when La Boeuf and Cogburn decide to join forces, trying to leave her behind, she's just that's a big breech of contract. Seems Mattie could teach you a thing or two about the word. Sure, we can (and will) quibble with her desire to avenge her father's death with a lump of lead.

Throughout these 30-day expeditions, students focus on increasing self-knowledge, clarifying values, strengthening decision-making skills and processes, and setting goals – all life skills to help chart a path toward independence with confidence and passion.

After first learning basic whitewater strokes in calm currents, students begin the expedition.

It's not Glen Campbell cast as The Duke's sidekick that irks him, either.

It's those darn peaks, which look rather suspiciously like the high Rockies more than they do the 2,500-foot hogbacks you'll find down Arkansas way.

Complete 12 hours of community service as you interact with local people, expanding cultural awareness while practicing the Outward Bound ethic of service.

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