Updating office outlook 2016 to 64bit

First off, if you have Outlook 2007 then you have 32-bit Outlook. If you have Outlook 2010 or higher and you have 64-bit Windows then there is a chance you have 64-bit Outlook.You have to check, because 32-bit versions of Outlook run perfectly fine in 64-bit Windows.

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For an add-in to work with the 64-bit version of Office, it needs to be recompiled by the developer specifically for the 64-bit version of Office.

In some cases the developer also needs to make some specific changes for 64-bit support or needs to wait for specific libraries, that the add-in relies on, to be recompiled for 64-bit.

This guide contains a lot of preparation and other information to get yourself ready to ensure a smooth transition Aside from the preparation steps, this guide informs you about what to expect when you start Outlook 2016 for the first time after you upgraded and how to troubleshoot several issues you may encounter during or after the installation.

Note: In order to use some of the functionality in Outlook 2016, you’ll need to configure your Exchange account with Cached Exchange Mode enabled (CEM). For an overview of features requiring CEM see: Outlook 2010: New features and Cached Exchange Mode Microsoft still recommends installing the 32-bit edition of Office 2016 instead of the 64-bit edition unless you have a specific need that requires the 64-bit edition of Office 2016.

However, when you have a 64-bit edition of Windows and you know that all your add-ins and other applications that rely on Office support the 64-bit edition of Office 2016, you can safely install the 64-bit edition.

When it comes to Outlook, there is no direct benefit of having the 64-bit edition instead of the 32-bit edition.Office 2013 is only supported for Quick Books 2014 and later.What works with Office 2013/365: Click to Run versions and trial versions (Starter Edition) do not support the integration components used by Quick Books (Click to Run Office is an online enabled, but limited edition version of Office).v18 and v192007, 2010 (32-bit only), 2013 (32-bit only), 2016 (32-bit only) Currently, there is a known issue with using certain builds of Office 2016 with Act! For information, please see: Known issues and workarounds for using Microsoft Outlook 2016 with Act! 64-bit Office has compatibility limitations with other applications and components as well. , and the Swiftpage product and service names mentioned herein are registered trademarks or trademarks of Swiftpage ACT! All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.v18 and v19 Office 365 Office 365, as a web based service, is not supported for use with any version of the Act! The locally installed version of Outlook that comes with your Office 365 subscription is supported as long as you are using a local Outlook profile. version prior to v19, Click-to-Run installations of Outlook are not supported. Premium (access via web) users who have configured the Act! Premium Contact Link to connect their Office 365 accounts to their Act! For more information, refer to the following knowledgebase article: What is the Act! Answer ID 38306 Office Starter versions Starter versions of Office are not supported by Act! You must have a full, supported version of Office installed. prior to v19, you must have a full, supported version of Office installed. Microsoft only recommends using a 64-bit version of Office under very specific circumstances, such as if you work with extremely large data sets. In fact, the 32-bit version of Outlook is even offered by Microsoft Outlook 365 by default on new installs and is much more common than 64-bit Outlook.

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