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In most faith-based movie drama, God is a presence — that’s sort of the whole point — but He’s a barely visible, off-center one.He’s a character who influences events, but that doesn’t mean we see a man in a robe and a white beard.

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But there’s no defense of their attack: To have any human actor portray God — Freeman, Charlton Heston, Whoopi Goldberg, George Burns — is, by definition, to present a metaphor for the undepictable. “The Shack,” based on the self-published 2007 blockbuster Christian novel by Canadian author William P.

Young, tells the story of a reverential and robust family man, Mack Phillips (Sam Worthington), who suffers an unendurable tragedy.

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I am sure we all have our hypotheses as Documentation.

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In “The Shack,” though, we really do — or, more precisely, we see Octavia Spencer, aglow with impish insight and beatific grins, as if she was on hand to give a message to Morgan Freeman: .

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