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In 1992, Peter Hall holds it for an adaptation of The Camomile Lawn, a novel by Mary Wesley, in which she and her mother interpret the same character at different ages.Her interpretation of Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, the BBC TV movie in 1995, adapted from the novel by Jane Austen with the same name earn her the BAFTA for Best Actress.

Also starred in the 1984 film adaptation of the play together with Rupert Everett, this dark-haired guy then spent the rest of 1980s to appear in either small or big screen features.

Most notable of these probably was the BBC's TV movie entitled "Tumbledown" (1989) for not only he gained the Best Actor credit from the Royal Television Society, but also was nominated in the same category at Britain's prestigious film event of BAFTA Awards, both in 1989.

It is also difficult for her to receive warmth, affection or appreciation, for she often feels that she does not really deserve it or that "they do not really mean it".

Ehle may therefore come across as rather cool and aloof - much more so than she feels.

Certainly there is a sizeable part of Colin’s fanbase that would have enjoyed a more intimate view (or even eyeful) of Mr Darcy at that point, but it fits our picture of what was socially acceptable at the time – or within the confines of a costume drama, which isn’t always the same thing – and is therefore a truer expression of his character to our eyes, that he would have jumped into the lake wearing a nightshirt.

Even though nakedness was invented long before the late 20th century and swimming in clothes is far harder than swimming unhindered, Mr Darcy is still Mr Darcy, even when he’s not being watched.

For Jennifer, affection and caring must be expressed in tangible acts of some kind.

Ever since Colin Firth's dashing Mr Darcy emerged from a lake in a wet shirt, we can almost forgive first-time readers for mistakenly believing they'll find such a hero in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

yes, QUOTE FROM Had a relationship with Colin Firth whom she met while filming "Pride and Prejudice" (1995) (mini).

A prolific, talented, and versatile actor capable of exhibiting fine portrayals equally on stage or on screen, Colin Andrew Firth surely has positioned himself to be one of the most extraordinary actors Britain ever has.

Gosford Park (performer: "Nuts in May" (1921), "The Land of Might-Have-Been" (1924), "And Her Mother Came Too" (1921), "I Can Give You the Starlight" (1939), "What a Duke Should Be" (1916), "Why Isn't It You" (1937), "Keep the Home Fires Burning" (1915)) He acted in Harley Granville Barker's play, "The Voysey Inheritance," in a British National Theatre production at the Cottesloe Theatre in London, England with David Burke, Michael Bryant, Guy Henry, Graham Crowden, Stella Gonet, Selina Cadell, Suzanne Burden, Barbara Leigh Hunt, and Crispin Redman in the cast. While playing the small role of "Osric" and understudying the title role in a 1989 production of "Hamlet", Jeremy replaced star Daniel Day-Lewis when the actor had a total breakdown in mid-performance.

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