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In the nine years since they launched, dating apps have revolutionized the way romance happens—for you, your single aunt, your bachelor bro, and approximately 22 million other U. But for every success story (29 percent of folks know someone who has found long-term love online), there’s the endless matching-messaging that results in zero or #Awful dates.

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The small bit of consolation amid all the YMCMB drama is that Wayne might be prepping Sorry 4 Tha Wait 2 mixtape.

While the YMCMB family work some things out behind-the-scenes, one of the artists on Weezy's roster has spoken out concerning the rift.

“Well I wasn’t really big on wedding dress shopping, I just find them all big and heavy looking, I went as more of a joke with Angela and we went to a few stores and just tried on a bunch and pretty much as soon as I tried mine on (50 dresses in) I was like, ‘oh hey I actually like this!

’ However it was a bit out of my price range, but I took my mum back to test it on again and she said she loved it too and wanted to buy it for me, so we got it then and there.’ The slim fitting dress with spaghetti straps and stunning lace and beaded detail bodice and train was just perfect for Kirsty and her elegant and relaxed vibe – so beautiful!

But SHE Needs to Understand This That HE Holds A Heart In HIS Chest Too, #Sometimes HE Too Seeks And Expects The Same Love From HER.

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Skywalker and Solo were presented medals of honor by Princess Leia Organa for their courage.

Nemesis Darth Vader narrowly escaped in the attack. The BBY/ABY system was used by the New Republic, the government formed by the Rebel Alliance after they overthrew the Empire.

The standard measurement of time in the Star Wars universe if the Galactic Standard Calendar, based on the Coruscant tropical year, which is 368 days long.

In this calendar, the universe came into existence 13 billion years BBY.

Christina Milian is receiving a boost in her career from Lil Wayne, thanks to a featured spot on his single "Start A Fire," not to mention some convenient dating rumors (which she has denied).

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