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And yet every day, someone would ask me “Why aren’t your campers using Slack?”I’d considered Slack back in October before even starting Free Code Camp, so I was well aware of its limitations. First we messed around with Slack’s API and found an undocumented workaround for their cumbersome email invite system, so we’d be able to automatically add campers to our Slack.

If you abuse the admin privileges, your group and your ability to create future groups will be removed, so please make sure you understand what is required in the admin role.

When you create a chat room, you will have the option of specifying a lockword or not.

Back in April, all was well with our community of busy adults learning to code.

We were communicating using, a Git Hub based chatroom system.

MSN UK's Matt Whittingham told BBC News Online it was not a decision they had taken lightly.

"We have been concerned about chatrooms for a while and reached a stage where we were no longer prepared to put up with inappropriate communication," he said.

Abusive contact Internet service provider Lycos has branded the action as "irresponsible" and fear children will move to other unmoderated chatrooms on the net.

Some have suggested that MSN may have economic reasons for closing down their chatrooms.

Microsoft's internet service MSN is to cut back drastically its chatroom services because of concerns about child safety, it said.

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