Meet go dating friends activities is chelsea kane still dating brian dales

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I can’t emphasize this enough: the people who are the best at meeting women and getting dates are people who live interesting, engaging lives.

People are naturally drawn to those who lead interesting lives because they have ambition and drive. In and of themselves, parks offer a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere – an oasis in the middle of urban city centers full of stressed out office workers and commuters.

weekend doing the same old thing: sleeping in, too much time on the Internet or Xbox Live, maybe catching up on Breaking Bad or Dr. so why not improve yourself as a person while maximizing your chances of meeting new and awesome friends?

You want to get out and meet people, but you simply want to improve your success with women, you need to live an interesting life…

Bring a book, practice tai chi, join a fitness bootcamp, find someone to kick your ass at chess, or rent a kayak and enjoy getting out and about; spending time in the park can help you get you out of your house your daily rut and putting you in the presence of women enjoying the same fine day you are.

Hell, in the warm summer evenings, many cities will invite everyone to bring their blankets and enjoy movies or concerts in the park, encouraging a communal experience… And if you happen to own a dog, you may very well find women coming up to while you’re out taking your precious pampered pooch for a quick run.

And it was easy to make new friends, because my job as an arts writer connected me with lots of cool people.

Here in Seattle, on the other hand, I’ve had an incredibly difficult time forging meaningful friendships.

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