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You’ll also find a small percentage of Venezuelan people of French, English and Polish descent.

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I only date men, but my expat guy friends have told me some great stories about dating Venezuelan women too (maybe I can talk them into a guest post?!

) so this post will really about dating a Venezuelan man.

Venezuelan women are generally extroverted and quite gregarious by nature.

They grew up with music and have rhythm in their blood.

I am so happy and thankful that I have these guys in my life. there are quite a few things you should know before you start dating a Venezuelan man!

Before you travel to Venezuela on vacation, you’ll want to learn about the great people of Venezuela.

About 20% are white/European, 10% are black African, and 1% are pure indigenous Amerindians.

Spanish is considered Venezuela’s primary language that’s spoken by the majority of the population, but there are over 40 languages spoken by the wide mix of Venezuelan people.

Dancing is a big part of most social activities in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan girl has an individual charm, which is inherited from her Spanish, Indian, and African roots.

Introduction Venezuela has much more to offer than just socialist-leaning politics, oil, and multiple legitimate candidates to be crowned Miss Universe.

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