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The three main characters, Max, Isabel and Michael, are Antarian survivors of the Roswell UFO crash, and were adopted by human families.

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She was accepted to the highly competitive Australian Ballet School in Melbourne, but dropped out after only a year.

co-star Brendan Fehr, who appeared on 35 episodes of the procedural.) Adam has also been seen in music videos for Jennifer Lopez’s “If You Had My Love,” Busta Rhymes’s “Respect My Conglomerate,” and 50 Cent’s “Many Men,” among others.

TV show description: This show is set at the site of the 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

The US Army finds the alien pods and takes them to a base for study.

In early 2012, Adam split from his girlfriend of three years, Grammy winner Melanie Fiona.

Liz is a kind, sweet, decent person, who is of a very logical nature.

Two are found and adopted by a couple of lawyers named Evans.

The aliens lead essentially normal lives as Max and Isabel Evans (Jason Behr and Katherine Heigl).

She aspires to become a scientist and spends her time waiting tables at her parents' place, the Crashdown Cafe, with her best friend Maria.

Her other best friend is Alex Whitman, and together the three have always spent all of their time together, a sort of three musketeers unit.

Four incubation pods are saved by an Air Force pilot who stashes them in a new ship hidden in a nearby rock formation.

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