4 reasons why dating is so hard

dating is hard.” I feel like that’s something my queer Christian friends and I use all the damn time. Especially if you grew up in a context or culture that wasn’t okay with the gays, let alone the rest of the spectrum. I’ve got a few ideas on why dating is so hard for LGBTQ Christians What’s second adolescence?

Avoid the lie that says you’re not good enough or that you’re gonna die alone.

Avoid self-depreciation or over analyzing every text or every small comment. We’re at a point in our lives where we’re getting to know who we are, and that also means who we are in relationship to other people.

Have you noticed the trend that many successful women have a lot of trouble when it comes to finding a husband?

Many try to enlist the help of a matchmaker to find them someone, but even then, they have trouble with the dates they are set up on.

Try not to take dating as seriously, and don’t look to whoever you’re dating to complete you. This might not be characteristic of you, but for many queer Christians who come from conservative evangelical world, marriage has been held up as the pinnacle of what it means to be good Christian, as something we should all aspire to.

Now, mind you, this isn’t to knock marriage or anyone who wants to get married.

They’ve been saying this to defend their bad behavior towards men in order to not take responsibility for their off-putting behavior.

Please remember that I am not categorizing all professional women, but particularly the ones who defend themselves with the belief in this stereotype about men.

Smart women know what they want and aren’t willing to settle for anything less.

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