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Psychologists have found that people fall into two groups on the question of what makes for a successful relationship: Group one believes it’s based primarily on finding the “right person” (soulmate); while group two believes in the “work at it consistently” approach to lasting love.

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At first, it doesn't look too hopeful, but years later, you encounter the book and $5 bill, proving there is nothing keeping you apart.

You'll start messaging each other, somehow never realizing how physically close you actually are.

You'll stay friends for years — decades even — until you hook up and it gets temporarily weird.

But then, on New Year's, you'll make up and realize you want to be together forever.

There was no period of “falling in love.” It was more like remembering a love that was always and would always be there. People come into our life at specific moments as reflections of what is going on inside of us at that specific time.

The connection is not really something that can be put into words but the beauty of its depth of understanding and love constantly overwhelms me. So go inside and check your inner landscape in view of your recent awareness in therapy.

Can your soulmate be someone else than your partner?

Be as complete as possible please with your answer.

And if it doesn’t go so easy, we must have picked the wrong person. The “work at it” group believes that there are no perfect princes or princesses and that we are all works in progress.

Therefore, a lasting love relationship is never an easy process and we shouldn’t ever expect that. Not any of my many clients, friends, or family members.

You'll do a favor for a friend and help drive your future soulmate to New York City.

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