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Before we get started with any of the software based troubleshooting tips, check to see if there is any material, gunk, or grime buildup on the surface of the trackpad, or in the tracking surface of the mouse, and in the buttons.If there is, clean that off first, as physical obstructions can definitely cause weird behavior with input interfaces.(Freddie Mac Bulletin 2017-11 Dated July 26, 2017 and Freddie Mac Industry Letter Dated July 6, 2017- Effective November 1, 2017 Loan Must be Closed, Funded & Sold) Freddie - Updates Multiple Selling Guide Topics Automated Collateral Evaluation (or ACE) Effective 6-19-17 Condos Effective immediately & August 31, 2017 Sales Contracts Amendments Effective immediately Accessory Units Effective 8-31-17 — June 2017Sometimes we wonder if Freddie Mac has a person whose only job is to review Fannie Maes selling guide and who says, if they can do it, we should do it too. They have matched Fannie with the only difference being the effective dates.

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Youll find a 35-page outline of Loan Collateral Advisor Feedback Messages that fire when you run the appraisal through the system.

(Freddie Mac Updates FAQs for Loan Collateral Advisor April 2017) Freddie has issued two very important updates that you need to know if you access any of their Loan Advisor Suites on your company or personal computer!

You can view a video tutorial for these steps at the top of this article.

While Apple historically suggested that you could make more storage available by deleting items, this time round the company is actually offering to delete apps for you (and let you download them again afterwards).

If it finds one the update will be downloaded and prepared.

You will then be notified that a reboot is required to apply the update.(Freddie Mac Bulletin 2017-7 Dated May 17, 2017 ) Freddie now has an FAQ site for Loan Collateral Advisor (LCA) that they have updated with questions pertaining to these topics.There are total of 11 of them, mostly self-explanatory, but we explain 3 of them in this article.i OS 10 is now here, but you may be struggling to download it due to the sheer volume of traffic or due to other issues, for example, your i Phone may only have 8GB or 16GB storage and that may mean that you don't have enough space for the download.If the latter is the case you should see a message saying that Apple will delete some of your apps to make space, and then let you download them again later, but if that sounds like a lot of extra work, there is a way round it - follow this tutorial and install i OS 10 via i Tunes, you may find you get there a little quicker and with fewer hiccups and without any space constraints.If you’ve done that and you’re certain it’s not the cause of an inability to drag and drop, carry on with the tips below.

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