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Then she married Tod Williams in the year of 1995 but their married relationship couldn’t last long. Talking about a present relationship of Janssen, she is in a relationship with Cole Frates.

They have been dating since 2006 and still having a happy relationship.

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A film debut in "Fathers & Sons" (1992) landed not long after followed by a few appearances on small screen, like in TV series "Melrose Place" also "The Untouchables" by 1994, but the spotlight did not yet cast its light upon her until she was billed to play villainous Xenia Onatopp in the 1995 installment of James Bond feature, "Golden Eye." Being in this hugely popular film franchise which also amazingly collected almost $349 million during its international run, the beauty unmistakably soared to be the new center of world's attention as consequence, furthermore received a nod for Best Fight category she shared with Pierce Brosnan at MTV Movie Awards a year later.

Do you remember last month when actress Famke Janssen found a terrifying children's book in her bedroom, left there by persons or forces unknown? [ Are Andy Cohen and hockey star Sean Avery on the hook up?

Being a celebrity, her personal stuff is always a matter of discussion and interest to the public.

Bold and beautiful Famke Janssen is a well-known Dutch actress, director, screenwriter, and a former fashion model.

"I'm in a business where 99 per cent of casting is typecasting and people compartmentalise me into a specific area - maybe as a powerful alien, because they don't know where to put me, but it's up to me to fight against it.

I don't want to be typecast, that's my big mission in life and it makes it a harder path in this business for me," she says.

It was a very scary story, this coming home to find an eerie book about a doll in her bedroom, and we all wondered what could have happened. ("On the hook up" is a thing I'm trying today, if you don't like it please downvote and leave your suggestions in the comments.) Lots of people think they are smooshing because they're always hanging out and Andy posts pictures like this of the two of them shirtless and close on some blasted beach somewhere. " And, I'm sorry to all you Sandy shippers out there, but Andy said no. But then he said that he'd be happy if the two of them were "banging," but they're not. The TMZ idiots were correct in finding that a bit suspect. Does America's gay uncle have a real friend in Sean Avery, or is it just someone he wants to boink? [TMZ] Kelly Osbourne is suing her old landlord because he refused to give her security deposit back when she moved out, despite never having inspected the apartment.

Security tapes showed no signs of a break-in, so it was a complete mystery. And maybe come to terms with something that happened back in your childhood in The Netherlands. It's a long-running rumor, and now it's gotten to the point that people are saying they're engaged to be , husband and husband, the fashion-conscious hockey star and the host of a cable access program that he films in his basement. Sean Avery is a straight person and the two of them are just friends. He's just trying to keep it, because landlords are jerks.

She is best known for portraying the role of Jean Grey/Phoenix in the X-Men film series.

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