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Clay County was the last county in the state to prohibit all alcohol sales countywide, but became partially wet on March 1, 2016, when two cities in the county voted to authorize alcohol sales.

Within the 25 "moist" counties, 57 city governments have legalized alcohol sales inside their city limits.

Commissioners voted to remove the 13- to 16-inch protective slot limit on largemouth bass at Dierks Lake.

also mentioned the Single Parent Scholarship Fund will be hosting a Job Skills and Career Readiness Conference for single mothers on Saturday, September 30 from 10 a.m. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission voted unanimously during their August meeting to approve the list of recommended fishing regulations for 2018.

The regulations will become effective January 1st, 2018.

"It would have been impossible for Joseph to have had at least 27 wives, as the Mormon Church in Utah claims, without having fathered at least one child by a polygamous wife--especially when the only purpose of polygamy (according to its advocates) was to have children born of polygamous parents. "This fact alone proves that he did not practice that doctrine. "The true origin of polygamy becomes clear as the picture emerges of the influence of the Cochranites and other polygamous cults, and the betrayal of the Prophet by the groups of conspirators under Dr. Screen=SFNT) --From the Mormon Church: DNA Evidence Proves Joseph Smith Wasn't a Polygamist Father of Children OUtside His First Marriage* (*at least not in certain cases) In an article in the Mormon Church-owned "Deseret News" headlined, "DNA Solves a Joseph Smith Mystery," reporter Michael De Goote writes: "Ugo Perego had almost all the DNA evidence he needed to determine who was the father of John Reed Hancock. "But questions remain today--particularly whether Joseph Smith, who had nine biological children with his wife Emma Smith, had any children through a polygamous wife. [I]n February [2011], [Perego] spoke at a Family History Expo in Phoenix and in St. After the events, he received an email from a woman naming a living descendant of John Reed Hancock--including an address. that named some of John Reed Hancock's living descendants . 'It could have been that it didn't match either one of them.

The truth is that Joseph Smith was 'framed'--that is, the doctrine of polygamy which found its way into the Church came in through the Cochranites. "One of the alleged fathers was the most obvious: Levi W. "The other alleged father was Joseph Smith, the founding prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. "Historians and critics have struggled for more than a century to identify children Joseph Smith may have had through polygamous marriages in the 1840s. Perego, a senior researcher at the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, has looked at this question since 2003 when a descendant of Moroni Pratt called him on the phone. He checked the name and it matched [a] pedigree chart . There could be an error in the genealogy.' "He had 46 DNA markers to match up. "'It is not a match at all to Joseph Smith,' Perego said.

For more background information, see: Dry county and Prohibition in the United States.

state details all of the counties and municipalities in the United States of America that ban the sale of alcoholic beverages.He wanted to know if Perego could use DNA to tell if Moroni Pratt was really Joseph Smith's son. Perego had reconstructed it years earlier while trying to trace Joseph Smith's DNA back to England and Ireland. It would not be any different if Joseph Smith were standing next to me to get a DNA sample directly from him,' Perego said. Mosiah Hancock gave Perego the DNA signature of Levi Hancock. Descendants of daughters are particularly difficult to test conclusively because the easy-to-identify Y chromosome signature only works to identify male descendants."He took other DNA samples from Pratt's descendants and made the comparison. [who] wanted to join the association because they had read references in books like Brodie's that listed their ancestor as a possible child of Joseph Smith. But to test whether Mosiah's brother John Reed Hancock was a son of Joseph Smith, he needed to find one missing piece of the puzzle: a descendant of John Reed Hancock. "But for now, one more piece of the puzzle has been solved. Of course besides female escort services and nude female strippers we offer a free bdsm listing which includes femdom, tantra, bdsm fantasy for outcall and incall. HERO is a Free Classy Adult directory with reviews for females offering escorts and erotic massage, Sexual Massage. Besides listing escorts, we list escort directory listing dominatrix fetish mistress and sexual massages working for Escort Agencies or as a independent escorts.It also came through three different groups of men who falsely claimed that Joseph was its author in order to justify their own evil activities. If definitive answers could be found, it would shed light on how plural marriage was introduced to Mormons by Joseph Smith in Illinois. "The descendant had read in Fawn Brodie's critical biography, 'No Man Knows My History: The Life of Joseph Smith,' that Moroni Pratt wasn't the son of early LDS apostle Parley P. 'There is no biological relationship within the historical timeframe of these two individuals.' "He compared it to Levi Hancock.

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