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Frampton – who amazingly has the requisite grey matter for a double first from Oxford – became convinced that he had formed an online romantic relationship with Denise Milani, a gorgeous 32-year-old former Miss Bikini World.So persuaded was he by the reality of this link that he flew to Bolivia to meet her for an assignation – and in his imagination, no doubt, a bit of slap and tickle – but ended up smuggling drugs for a cartel that had used Milani’s picture as a honeytrap (without her knowledge).The story goes on to inform us that Frampton was arrested and thrown in jail in Buenos Aires.

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I don’t think any 68-year-old woman could possibly fall for such a scheme – it would just seem too wildly implausible to have a member of Chippendales fall in love with them. Perhaps there are mitigating cultural circumstances for this extraordinary sexual blindness.

It may be true that, for men, the moment when they lose their sexual allure has historically been somewhat more blurred than for women.

Frampton finally arrived in La Paz four days after he set out.

The first thing that went wrong was that the e-ticket Milani sent Frampton for the Toronto-Santiago leg of his journey turned out to be invalid, leaving him stranded in the Toronto airport for a full day.

Soon, he hoped, he’d be returning with Milani on his arm.

You’re in big trouble.’ Paul said, ‘I’ll be careful, I’ll make sure there isn’t cocaine in there and if there is, I’ll ask them to remove it.’ I thought they were probably going to kidnap him and torture him to get his money. I said, ‘Well, you’re going to be killed, Paul, so whom should I contact when you disappear?

All anyone cares about is those enormous (some would say, oversized) breasts, and if someone tried to write an article on them, no doubt it would be a different story.

Why can't people see that she would be a beautiful, intelligent woman without them?

However, she contacted him and told him that she had to leave quickly to go to another shoot in Brussels, and he could just meet her there.

All he had to do before he came was pick up a bag she left behind and bring it to her, which he agreed to do. As you should have already figured out, that bag left behind was lined with cocaine.

Denise Milani's breasts are a Czech internet model based in Los Angeles, and are one of the most popular internet models working in the world today.

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