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Heading east, you can already see the foothills of the Rila Mountains on the horizon and shortly after Nevestino you cross the Kadin Bridge, 100 metres in length, over the river Struma.

The bridge is a historic monument, combining eastern and central European architectural elements with Renaissance influences. After crossing the river, you continue through Dragodan to the university town of Blagoevgrad, which is situated at the centre of southwest Bulgaria and is also the site of the American University in Bulgaria.

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You cross the border at Delcevski Prohod, which lies at an altitude of 1,085 metres.

Then you continue through a wide valley towards Berovo.

Separation of the two major ethnic groups – Macedonians of rather slavic decent and Albanians – has increased to a degree where they don't attend the same schools, don't live in the same villages and basically don't have any social ties wit h each other.

This situation is even enforced by governmental activities such as a project called "Skopje 2014" where most of the capital is rebuilt to match a look of rather ancient Greek architecture with plenty of statues showing Macedonian heroism with Albanians completely left aside.

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This article is about the native inhabitants of the historical kingdom of Macedonia.

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