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What I want to do is to add fill the User ID automatically if user has entered First Name and Last Name.

For example, if First Name = "Faizan" and Last Name = "Mubasher" then User ID must be auto filled with value "Faizan.

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I am a 35-year-old showbusiness columnist and an American who lives in London.The women who manage to thrive have learned important lessons that I can share with you.As a nation where dating is often forgotten in the desperate rush to get someone to commit to you as your boyfriend, the Brits just don't know how to keep things casual without turning into a crazed stalker or feeling like a tart.I have tried out my methods extensively on British men, with great results.It's a city where men are famously unwilling to commit and people juggle multiple dating partners.if so, i cancel edit by the next thing i want is to popup a aspx popupcontrol requesting a password inorder to proceed with higher amount within the rowupdating event.

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