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According to the, Rashida had been “miserable” after her split with John Krasinski.

For a while, Favreau had a girlfriend, but as soon as mutual friends informed Rashida that Favreau was single, she moved in for the kill.

The multi-talented American celebrity Rashida Jones is an actress, singer and comic book author as well.

), who is dating one of President Obama’s speechwriters, a guy named Jon Favreau.

To those of us who follow this crap religiously, Favreau’s name rang a bell.

Take this stroll through Rudd's long list of Must-See TV love interests for further proof.

(Jenna Fischer, he's bound to get around to you eventually.) Lisa Kudrow Why is Paul Rudd so well matched with NBC's Must-See TV funnywomen?

He’s known for several things – he’s one of Obama’s best, brightest and most favorite speechwriters, and he had a minor scandal during the end of last year’s primaries when photos were released of him drunkenly groping a Hillary Clinton cut-out.

He looks like a frat boy, but he’s supposed to be a damn good writer.

And when their dating lives got too dominant, we always had Stanley or Phyllis or Ron to distract us.

Even though most of the characters ended up with a dating subplot, the shows themselves were never is failing on all counts. Of course, both actors are hamstrung by the fact that their characters were never really friends before the show tossed them together.

, it was a workplace sitcom about a community of weirdos whose eccentricities improbably made them (a) good at their jobs and (b) believable as a group of professional friends. First, there's the insistence on having major characters date each other. That's partially because the coupling characters were played by actors with genuine chemistry.

The jokes sprang naturally from their efforts to catch bad guys, or else from the moments when someone from a character's personal life wandered into the station, awkwardly making everyone realize that their squadmate was also a person with a life. Did you guys know that a romantic plot thread isn't actually a requirement of a network sitcom? Steve Carell and Amy Ryan, John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, Amy Poehler and Adam Scott, even Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe…they all just clicked.

In either case, there was a refreshing focus on the specificity and intensity of people's connections with their co-workers. Like its predecessors, the new series was also joyous and decent, finding empathetic humor in the ways well-meaning people screw up. Plus, they were all written as people who were friends first, then slowly evolved to become lovers.

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